Thursday, April 12, 2012

Getting Started

I know....I'm late.  While the world has been blogging, Facebooking, and Tweeting, I've been standing on the sidelines.  What do you expect from an introvert like me?  I've never felt compelled to share family vacation pictures, broadcast to the world where I ate lunch, and least of all, to water someone's crops on Farmville.  In short, I've felt I have nothing to add.  So there's my excuse for staying silent.  

It was Rob Butler, the VP of Sales for Telarus who pushed us to open up.  "We have learned some incredible things over the last 10 years and we shouldn't be afraid to share them" said Rob.  Oh, I don't about not enabling our competition?  How about maintaining a barrier to entry?  Rob responded by referencing the book "Rework" written by one of the founders of 37Signals saying, "Just because a chef publishes a book of recipe's, it doesn't take away from their restaurant".  He's right.  And that's why I'm opening up.  I'd love to share our recipe's with those in the channel who will take the time to read them and hopefully use them. 

I'm writing this blog because I'm passionate about learning and sharing what I've learned and collectively what we've learned at Telarus. While I don't offer up personal information very easily, anyone who has spent time with me knows I love to talk about ideas.  Unfortunately that means I sometimes come off as a "know-it-all".  It's never my intent to show off or impress people. Ideas and things I've learned genuinely excite me.  It wasn't until after I finished college that I realized I truly enjoy learning.  In addition to being excited about learning, I love to share what I've learned because it helps me internalize the things and I also believe (sometimes mistakenly) that others are excited about learning too.  

The audience for whom I'm writing is all channel participants.  I plan to have entries for new channel partners including how to start your company, how to finance it and how to hire.  I plan to have entries for current partners who are growing their business and might benefit from some of our mistakes and successes.  I also plan to have entries for suppliers to talk about channel best practices that I've observed.  Believe it or not, I hope our competitors will also read this. I believe we have significant growth opportunity ahead of us and I hope our competitors grow right along with us. As crazy as that may sound, I've seen that each carrier channel program has to constantly justify its existence. Collectively the channel must grow for all of us to be successful.  I hope you'll check back regularly and most of all, I hope what we have learned at Telarus will help you.